Richmond Segway


The River City Challenge is a unique team building experience focused on gathering points by completing tasks while exploring Richmond on a Segway!  Like ALL River City Segs experiences, the first challenge is mastering your vehicle… the Segway.  The only indoor Segway training facility in Virginia will fully prepare any team, and make sure they have a fun and safe experience.

Once fully trained, the teams will choose from a list of sites to visit like the Capitol, Brown’s Island, or the Church Hill Tunnel.  The site list will include cryptic clues about what each site’s challenge is.  Upon arrival to each site, a guide will read each team’s challenge and what they need to do to accomplish their goal.  Then, the teams must work together to earn points.  The challenges include simply taking a picture of something, memory challenges, matching challenges, decision-making, and much more.  The teams will also need to deal with time!  The Challenge starts and ends at River City Segs (1805 E Grace St), and for every 5 minutes a team is late they will lose some of their hard-earned points.

team building

RVA Street Art Festival 2012

The River City Challenge can be a 1 or 2-hour experience and is $40.50 or $65.00 per person.  Group rates are available. Contact River City Segs by email, phone, Facebook, or Twitter for more information or to book your challenge now!